End of tenancy quick refurb

You give us 15 hours and we will take this

To this!

Nearly finished. Another 8 hours and we off site.


Issues when a property is left empty for more than a few weeks.

Below are the pictures of a property converted into flats, this property was awaiting tenants when it was broken into.

The property was stripped of all its copper pipes. The total scrap value of the copper was around £200 but the cost to replace the stolen copper and repair all the damage to the property is going to be around £30k.

Not to mention the lost rental revenue!

Always ensure your property is let as soon as possible. Whilst it is empty ensure it is properly secured.

All this damage for a couple of hundred pounds of scrap copper piping.

Warren Construction Maintenance

Hi &welcome to our brand new blog.

We specialise in maintenance and refurb of Landlord and Housing Association properties.

Warren Construction was established in 2013 however we have been working in the rental sector for the last 30 years.

Our staff are all directly employed by us. We have qualified electricians, plumbers, carpenters and painters and decorators.

We also operate an out of hours make safe service for those emergencies out of normal working hours.

We also have our very own drain unblocking machinery and carry out CCTV surveys of drains.

We believe in offering a complete service to our clients thus eliminating the need for many different contractors.

We are also trained and accredited trauma and crime scene specialists.

For a list of our services please visit http://www.wclfms.co.uk

Or call us on 0121 458 3001.

From a leaking tap to a complete restoration we are always happy to help.

A recent flat boarded up.